Seven Last Words
Timothy Radcliffe OP.
Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd. (2004)
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Jesus Christ - Passion, Jesus Christ - Seven Last Words, Religion / Christian Life / General, Religion / Meditations, Religion / Spirituality
Paperback 9780860123972
The Seven Words from the Cross are the focus of Christian meditation through the ages. Set to music by Haydn, they epitomise the depth of Jesus's human expereience and thus speak most profoundly to the human condition. Each meditation is illustrated with a picture of Christ on the Cross. Many are old masters; some more modern. The object is to lead the reader deeply into prayer and contemplation. But there is nothing fusty about Radcliffe's text. Whatever he writes is a breath of fresh air and these meditations are modern and contemporary in their reference. There are also many autobiographical touches which make these meditations more personal.
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