Why Am I Afraid To Love?
John Powell
Argus Communications (1972)
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Love, Love (Christian Theology), Philosophy, Psychology, Religious, Self-perception
Paperback 091359203X
Tradition has it that God's second commandment is that we should love one another. Why is it so hard? The capacity to love is in everyone. Yet so often it remains trapped and waiting to be released. In John Powell's best-selling Why Am I Afraid to Love, he carefully and sensitively confronts the barriers that restrain. He looks at the fear of rejection, the motives for love, how to truly understand the inner self and what true love looks like. He then considers the true test of love: can self be forgotten in loving others? Based on the original best-selling edition, this new book has been completely re-designed. A fitting companion to Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?, it is one of the most original and popular self help books on the market. It sits comfortably alongside other classics like I'm OK, You're OK. Why Am I Afraid to Love has sold over 100,000 copies in its original edition.
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