All The Women Of The Bible
M.L. Del Mastro
Castle Books (2004)
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Bible, Matriarchs (Bible), Religion / Biblical Reference / General, Religion / Biblical Studies / General, Women In The Bible
Hardcover 9780785818960
Have you ever asked yourself these questions in relation to biblical women? Many times we recognize their names - Naomi, Ruth, Sara, Delilah, Jezebel, to name a few - but we can't quite recall their story. And the thought of trying to pinpoint one name out of the many in the Bible, with not a clue where to look, well, it can be quite daunting. All the Women of the Bible can answer all of your questions with the simple turn of a page. It is not only comprehensive and in-depth, but also easy to follow and truly entertaining. All the Women of the Bible is divided into two sections: "The Book of Names" and "The Book of Stories." "The Book of Names" opens the book and contains over 400 entries. It is a biographical dictionary and thesaurus of sorts, listing each woman - whether named, unnamed, or allegorical - along with a short description of her life, alternate spellings, biblical citations where her story can be found and cross references to other dictionary entries. It also points out related entries in the "Book of Stories." This single, alphabetical dictionary is well researched, easy to follow, and overflowing with answers to your each and every question.
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