The New Ecumenism
K.D. Whitehead
Alba House (2009)
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Catholic Church - Relations, Ecumenical Movement, Ecumenical Movement - History - 20th Century, Ecumenical Movement/ History/ 20th Century, Religion / Christianity / Catholic
The last several popes have made the quest for Church unity an item of the highest priority on their agendas. This has been true to perhaps a much greater extent than most Catholics, and indeed most Protestants, have generally noticed or realized. Yet it is hard to imagine on what John Paul II put in more time and effort, personally, than he did on his efforts to seek better relations with our fellow Christians. And from the time of his election to the chair of Peter in 2005 Benedict XVI has followed pretty much the same pattern. These popes were acting in response to a mandate of the Second Vatican Council which inaugurated a whole new era in "ecumenism" for the Catholic Church. The subject of ecumenism - the Catholic Church's relations with other Christians, and with the search for Christian unity - is what is being dealt with in this extraordinarily well researched and very readable book. May it foster in all who read it a greater understanding and love of the Church which Jesus Christ founded 2000 years ago. Book jacket.
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