My Struggle With Faith
Joseph F. Girzone
Image (2007)
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Catholic Authors/ Biography, Catholics, Faith, Religion / Christianity / Catholic
Paperback 9780385517133
The author of the bestselling Joshua series and other popular inspirational books chronicles his own spiritual journey and describes with stunning honesty the difficult decisions he made along the way. Joseph Girzone has attracted a tremendous following with his series of novels that imagine Jesus living in the contemporary world. His nonfiction writings and talks on spirituality have affected audiences around the world. Girzone’s ability to capture the meaning of faith in simple, direct language is more apparent than ever in this moving book about his personal journey through a dark night of the soul. InMy Struggle with Faith, Girzone recounts the long, complicated, and often painful process he went though as he sought to find peace with his beliefs. He writes about hard decisions that set him on unexpected paths and about the immense feelings of loneliness he experienced in making those choices. In thoughtful and thought-provoking reflections he brings to life the years of searching and the deep, critical thinking that gave him the courage to embrace his beliefs, opening a world of excitement and adventure for him. In writing about what his beliefs have meant to him and about the intimate relationship with God that has sustained and guided him, Girzone illuminates the universal human struggle to find meaning in life.My Struggle with Faithoffers readers insights, inspiration, and encouragement to follow their beliefs and create a more meaningful spiritual life.
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